Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just for the Record

I just wanted to add that I like hockey. I just think its a damn shame that they've gone and changed the game and made it demonstrably better (in my limited exposure to the game with the new rules the past couple of years). Yet it hasn't made a dent, the NHL has clearly fallen behind sports like NASCAR, and even Golf (fuck, damn, shit) on the American sporting radar. Could soccer surpass hockey (shudder)??? Please no....

I am still pissed at them for wasting a season a couple years ago, well not pissed, but its not a fond memory....and think that after years and years of painstakingly building up a cool brand, and slowly but surely creating a foothold in the American sporting psyche that the NHL pissed it all away in a retarded labor squabble.

I mean, NBC tied for the lowest rating EVER with one of its Stanley Cup broadcasts. WHAT? What the fuck? The Stanley Cup? Perhaps THE hardest grand trophy to win in all of sport and NBC is barely scrappin' together a million viewers nation-wide? How is that possible? Heck in some major markets (like Dallas) there is a sort of beleaguered laughter, when House repeats skunk the Stanley Cup in the ratings, the wheels have fallen off, they've fallen the fuck off.

What have they (the owners, the league, etc) done to a sports I spent nearly two decades following with a passion? Wrecked it, its seems like.
Grrr, now I am getting pissed again....

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