Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eagles Thoughts in Early June

Some off-season likes and dislikes so far, the dislikes first because there are much fewer of them:

- Using our first pick in the draft on a QB. I know, I've said this before, and I may love Kolb in 3-4 years, but still...
- Losing Donte' Stallworth (big, young (26), fast) and replacing his with a smaller, older (29) speedster - Kevin Curtis. I liked the guy, what can I say. My intent was to get a Stallworth jersey if he re-signed. Oh, well.
- L.J. Smith having "sports-hernia" surgery. Again nothing to be done about it, but I have a feeling its going to limit him this year a little bit. I'd love to be wrong, maybe I'm just worrying too much, or maybe not
- Not being able to trade Sam Rayburn. Serviceable DT, wonder why we couldn't have gotten a pick for him?
- DE Jevon Kearse doing too much cardio in his rehab and getting too skinny
- Not finding the heir apparent for Brian Dawkins. I love Dawk to death, but I thought now was the time to find the guy to groom, and let him play and learn from a HoF safety....
Well that's about it for my admittedly nit-picky dislikes about the Eagles off-season

The likes:
- The rest of the draft! We got some size, especially at RB. Abiamiri is a decent size DE, Hunt and Ilaoa bring some bulk behind the line of scrimmage and Bradley has good size for an Strongside Linebacker (SAM).
- Jekyll time - Kevin Curtis. Speed galore and awesome hands, I have a feeling I am going to come around and really dig this dude. He's 29 (concern) but has only played 4 years in the NFL (thank to his Mormon mission). I'm not sure if he's an "upgrade" over Stallworth, but I think he's going to prove to be very capable guy in our offense
- New blood at DT. These guys went from prospective strength to crippling weakness last year and a change was necessary. So the Eagles raided both Superbowl teams for Montae Reagor (the steady vet) and Ian Scott (a run-stopper who filled in very well for the Bears when they lost Tommie Harris).
- The Eagles overall aggressiveness in their off-season plan. YES, it did take them a little while to get started and that strung out us phans a bit. BUT the Birds F.O. executed very well. They identified priorities, stuck to them and recognized/addressed weak areas, speaking of which:
- Say HELLO TKO! Takeo Spikes and Kelly Holcomb for Darwin Walker and 7th rd pick? (and maybe now for 6th and 7th rd pick). Joe Banner should add highwayman to his list of job responsibilities for picking the Buffalo carcass clean like that....
- BYE BYE Dhani, Mr. Bow Tie, Jones. Take your talentless, non-play-making Air Banjo somewhere else
- Taking a gamble on Saverio Rocca. I really hope this Aussie boomer can make it good.
- Re-signing some key FAs. Yes we let Stallworth go, but we did keep Quintin Mikell, Juqua Thomas and Correll Buckhalter. And if those aren't household names outside Philadelphia, so be it. They proved to be very capable players for the Birds last year (it was great to see Buck comes back after all those knee injuries) and I look forward to more contribution from those guys. Retaining players who know your system can do a lot for year-to-year continuity. Just gotta keep the right ones (fingers-crossed).
- The continued class and leadership on display from Donovan McNabb

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