Wednesday, June 27, 2007

OK OK, Time to Blog

Well folks, my Reserve time is just about at an end, so its about time to start chiming in again. So rejoice, my cynical fans, both of you. Anybody want to know what the reserves is like? Drop me a line.

Hmm, so what should I rant about?

How about how July sucks because I now have to wait all frickin' month for Eagles training camp to start. AUGH! And its not like I can use some summer blockbusters to whittle away the time - Transformers doesn't premiere until August. Harry Potter starts on the same day globally, so I'm good there....but other movies haven't come out yet here, like Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Die Hard 4 (oh, well that's another late July showing) get the idea. I want to see 1408, but I doubt it will be shown here unless it really makes a splash in the states.

I think Newsweek's review of Michael Moore's new movie Sicko is probably right on the mark when it says "But if Moore can be irritating, he's also indispensable. I think this time around a lot of people who don't cotton to the filmmaker's politics are going to find themselves lining up on his side. The simplicity of "Sicko's" argument is also its power. It asks us, as Americans, a few basic but haunting questions: Who are we? What have we become? The follow-up question is left unstated: What are we going to do about it?" I mean, I love Roger & Me - and thought of Michael Moore as a champion of the working-man. Then he turned left, way, way, way fucking left - I DON'T AGREE with his politics, not in the least, but I do hope that we start talking about ways to deal with our have or have not health-care system.

What else is going on?
The Philadelphia Eagles have changed their website. I can dig it. Its had the same look for a couple years now. Time for a fresh coat of paint. So long as the content stays, I'm down. The good news about the down time. I can focus a little on my Chinese, and sort of catch up with what's going on with the team.

Speaking of which....

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