Monday, June 11, 2007

Micc's Quick Hits

Been watching a LOT of news lately at work (sort of background noise while I study). And let me tell you, this whole immigration thing borders on the absurd. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I mean, I understand that the issue needs to be addressed, but do we really need to address it this idiotically?

For the record, I don't agree with every criticism that Lou Dobbs makes about the bill in question, but a lot of what he had said this past week struck me as straight forward common sense - which means half the douchebags in Washington and all the pro-amnesty, let-em-all-in-types will disagree. Still his site, linked above, has not just his view, but links to all the proposed amendments, etc and is laudable for being a good place to find not just opinion, but also information in which to better inform you opinion.

God dang it, I missed out on O'Reilly's phonecard for the troops promotion he did with AT&T. Another anathema to the left, when I heard about it, I thought - damn, I want to do that for my fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines stuck in the sandbox. Too late. But there is a link to America Support You.

I urge my visitors (both of you) to check this out. You can do something as simple as send an e-gram to troops in the desert, or find a way to volunteer near you, or just click and watch the thanks from the troops for your/our support.

On a lighter note, the Phumbling Phils continue to perplex....shut-out, blow-out, shut-out....I just don't get this night they look great and are suitably crushing a bad team. The next day said horrid team is kicking their all over the field. This is NOT what championship teams are made of fellas. Get yer heads outta yer asses.....

Since I commented on the NHL's poor TV ratings, how about the NBA??? They haven't quite sunk to hockey's depths, but the rating continue to drop for a league increasingly out of touch with what people used to enjoy about it. Now we have teams deliberately tanking half a season to try and score a lottery pick, guys who 8 points per game (ppg) making MILLIONS (and acting like they deserve it) and a pro-league that can't field an Olympic team worth a fuck because too few of them have a clue about the concept of teamwork! Ok, time to climb down from that soapbox.

Well that's about it for now...I'm hungry, the woman will be home soon, and I think I will try and surprise her by having something ready to eat for the both of us that doesn't include mac-n-cheese (a family staple) or sandwiches

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