Friday, June 22, 2007

A Movie Friday

Well folks, let me say, I now know why merchandise for the movie Stealth was in the bargain bin at the Navy Exchange Pearl Harbor a week after the movie premiered.
WHAT A TURD....I mean that flick (film is too grand a term) suffered from just about every flaw imaginable, including the dreaded (and head-scratching) day-to-night continuity error "pioneered" by all-time-stinker Plan 9 from Outer Space. My wife summed it up best: the movie only provided a singular moment of enjoyment - for the guys - the Jessica Biel bikini segment. And I whole-heartedly agree, a few glimpses of her bod turned out to the only redeeming quality of the movie. And just to save you all the trouble, here there are:There.
No reason to waste two hours of your life pondering the baffling questions this movie raises, like: How in the fuck does a plane "go hyper-sonic"??
Does hyper-sonic have an "economy mode" because although the planes are fighters, they fly all over the globe without aerial re-fueling (there is one instance).
How does a plane fly from the Philippine Sea to Rangoon, Burma in 20 minutes? (oh yeah, hypersonic, forgot).
How do the same said aircraft, operating from a U.S. aircraft carrier in the South China Sea get all the way to fucking Tajikistan (Central Asia) without refueling????
How does a pilot trying to return from Tajikistan (to the carrier mind you), fly "south, southwest" but end up bailing out of her damaged plane over fucking NORTH KOREA???? (that one is truly mind-boggling)...somebody needs to get their ass a fucking Atlas in Hollywood.
How can is be night-time in Alaska, morning in Korea, and then night-time again in Korea all in the span of less than 5 minutes (movie time).....the fucking continuity editor must've been high...(as well the script writer, director, etc, etc)
It was awfully easy to escape North Korea as well, the DMZ just isn't what it used to be (when I was there), from the most heavily fortified and mined stretch of land in the world, to a harmless, pock-marked fun zone with the only separating our intrepid heroes from South Korea being a chain-link fence....*plus, why were all the North Korea emplacements, searchlights, etc trained inward, as if designed to keep people in, and not to watch the South.

Oh yeah, well we followed that up with Shrek 3. Which was much better. Very funny and I had a good time. Go see it if you like Shrek. Not the best of the bunch, but enjoyable.
Now, we're going to wrap up the day with Die Hard. See ya later.

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