Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rest Assured Murphy's Law is Alive and Well in Japan

Yes my fellow Americans, I tested out the question as too whether or not Mr. Murphy had an office here in the Far East. And I groan to inform you, that indeed he does.

How did I accomplish this feat? Why, by using the time-tested wash-the-car method. I tell you what folks, I should have skipped the hassle, and not even bothered to dry the car two days ago.....I mean I might as well have donned a buckskin loincloth, feathered headdress and chanted out a rain-dance while beating on a drum out in the alley (now that woulda been a sight for my Japanese neighbors).

Cause pow, I got that afternoon of clear weather, Murphy called up the storm clouds overnight and it rained for a good two days (not straight, like the rainy season, but off and on most the day). So not only has Murphy established a Tokyo office, he's instilled a Japanese work ethic in his evil little leprechauns of mischief.

How do I know this? You see, I work from home. There are days when I don't go out, the car doesn't leave it sheltered spot. But if I stay inside too long, I get a little batty, so I will find somewhere to go (usually the base). Such was the case yesterday. So, I weathered the first day of rain (which scored by hitting the wife's station wagon - which I had also washed), but in a stunning display of Japanese-like efficiency, Mr. Murphy kept his boys on the job until it was complete, scoring a hit on the ole Toyota when I traveled into base to work out (when I left it was clear, by the time I made it to base, it was already drizzling - DAMMIT - they're good)

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