Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Eagles Sign a WR!

Sorry to tease with the title, and I don't even have a link yet. But the Philly forums are all over the that the morning sports report on local TV is saying that the Eagles have signed their non-indigenous Free Agent! Its WR Bethel Johnson, a speedy guy with well, hands of stone, that the Birds probably brought in as insurance in case last year's draft experiment with the crafty, ex-moguls skier/Colorado WR Jeremy Bloom fizzles.

So the Donte' Stallworth watch trudges on. He's visited N.E., Tennessee, and is headed to Miami, with a decision due by Saturday. I still think the Eagles are in the running. They'll know which teams made offers, and Rosenhaus will give the Birds a chance to make a competitive offer. Whether they will or not.....I sure hope they do....McNabb to Stallworth would be a magic combo for a while...

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