Friday, March 23, 2007

Big Red is Back and so am I

Coach Andy Reid returned to the Eagles facilities, a week later than originally suggested but looking none the worse for wear. His boys' legal troubles are far from over, and I am sure there will be a spotlight on the two whenever their court dates arrive, but for their sake and the team's I hope things don't get out of hand.

The two should be punished appropriately for their crimes. If that means some jail time, so be it. If they have good enough lawyers to plea bargain for half-way houses, rehab/treatment facilities, and the like, then I think a thousand hours of community service might shake the right tree (that's about six months of 40hr work weeks....) - and no, helping the team doesn't constitute community service.

Well anyway, the Eagles were mentioned as interested in trading for the Denver Broncos middle linebacker Al Wilson, which would be really cool, except of course, I don't see many needs on the Denver team that the Eagles have excess with. Perhaps some D-Line guys, but if reports are true, Denver may be floating this trade idea because they need to trim some salary after an expensive spending binge in free agency. That means cheaper guys, and that means draft picks, which the Eagles hoard this time of year.

Then Wilson was all but gone to the Giants, but I just read that he failed his physical with the vaGiants, so it looks like that won't happen. The Giants got bit again when the Texans matched their offer to restricted free agent FB Vonta Leach, so I guess Reuben Droughens won't have a new running mate. The Cowboys did bolster their secondary by signing Ken Hamlin, formerly of the Seahawks. Not earth-shattering, but its a solid move, playing a rookie opposite Roy Williams was a disaster for the Cowpokes last season as Pat Watkins got lit up time and again. Funny thing is, this year he'd probably be a lot better. He's tall, rangy, and he's not slow, just inexperienced. Still Hamlin only signed for one-year, so this gives the 2nd-yr guy some space to breathe.

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