Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Change and a Look at Philly's OTHER teams

Well, I became a member of the Technorati just now. I hope this helps some functionality as it add a search for the blog and maybe will get this sucker a little more notice. Not that I care, but it is nice to know folks read it and the more the merrier in my book.

Now for a little Philly sports, cause I know you can't get enough.

Bill Conlin wants Phillies phans to curb their enthusiasm a bit. Sage advice from Philly's resident oracle of baseball knowledge.

And the 76ers just lost by 50. I kid you not FIFTY POINTS! I love the headline "Chairman Yao Rules the Sixers". For shame fellas. For a team that has done much to blow its chance at a high lottery pick and a shot at Greg Oden or Kevin Durrant this must've been a helluva wake-up call. Sorry boyos. You just can't cut it in real competition.

As for the Flyers...could their season get anymore miserable? They gave GM Paul Holmgren two more years, but I don't know. That franchise has lost its way somehow....I don't follow hockey much anymore cause I figured out I could live without the NHL when they shitcanned the season a couple of years ago. So now, no, I don't really care.

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