Saturday, March 17, 2007

Buck's Back

Well the Eagles fill the complimentary RB role today by re-signing Correll Buckhalter to a two-year contract. I like Buckhalter, and it was great seeing him come back so strong after missing two entire years to knees injuries.

While its a plus for continuity, it doesn't address the fundamental flaw in our backfield by not having a true hammer to bust up the gut on 3rd and 1. Moreover, with McNabb rehabbing, I expect all-too-rare QB sneak to be practically eliminated from the Eagles repertoire this year; making a large reliable ball-carrier a little bit more than a nicety and more on the necessity side.

I do hope the signing does not preclude the Birds from taking a guy like Brian Leonard from Rutgers or another BOUS (back of unusual size) [kudos to whoever identified the proper movie reference].

Besides a potential draft pick, I really do not anticipate any further work being done to address the offense - it basically returns intact, with the sole difference being Curtis instead of Stallworth.

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