Monday, March 12, 2007

Donte Leaves, But Where's the Plan?

Well fans, unfortunately the Eagles decided to allow WR Donte' Stallworth to fly the coup. He's off to New England to catch passes from Tom Brady. This leaves the Birds with a hole in their WR corps. Last year we knew we lacked a legit WR that other teams had to respect, so we traded for Stallworth, who created a helluva tandem with second-year man Reggie Brown.

Now we still have Reggie, and Hank Baskett flashed some potential, and I know the team liked second-year guy Jason Avant as a slot-receiver as well, but we don't have a deep-threat on the roster like we had with Stallworth. Reggie proved he could get down the field last year, and he really stepped up when Donte' went down, but Brown is less of blow-by-ya guy and more of guy that does it with guile and route-running.

I do not know what the Eagles plan is, and while I remain confident they do have one, decisions like this one are puzzling.

Now I know they brought Kevin Curtis in for a look, and that they almost always make an offer to folks who visit. And IF they sign Curtis, it will go a long, long way towards assuage the trepidation I feel about losing a valuable player like Donte'. Just don't try and tell me that the Birds will rely on Bethel Johnson to be a viable threat. Not buying...

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