Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Governator to Limbaugh: Hasta La Vista

HA, had a little good news when I woke up this morning to read this story on CNN.com. Gov. Schwarzenegger firing away at el gasbag by telling the Today Show that Rush Limbaugh is irrelevant.

Good for him. I've got little patience and less time for folks like Rush who are so far to one side (in his case the right) that they see zero validity in others arguments. If I have to get up early (say 5am) I get "treated" his show on AFN satellite news coverage. ugh. Not something I want to wake up to, let me tell you. I'll say this he was "better" than Al Franken, but no less slanted (just in the opposite direction).

Anyways, its just nice to see a Republican not wedded to the far right. I think we need more like him, like Rudi and McCain....the less polarization the better in my book.

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