Sunday, March 18, 2007

Odds and Ends

No football to speak of today. My alma mater Pitt made it the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney so that's a good thing.

Here a funny thing on the syndicated Money Talk radio program this morning (yeah, its odd to set the alarm on a Sunday morning, but we wanted to go the the kick-ass brunch the E-Club has every Sunday). Anyway, the talk is about credit card companies gouging the shit out of their customers...and the Senate is leading an inquiry into this (finally). So we get this blurb of legalese that the banks smother their customers with in those official "explanations" and for the life of me I still cannot figure out how daily interest is computed.

So I though, why not just design some pictograms (picture worth a thousand words and all that shit). I figured the daily computation of interest could just be a stick figure bent over. For an explanation of late fees, there could be a baseball bat hit it stick figure in his stick knees....and so on.

In other news:
Beware the Baggers - two good sammaritans blast a would-be purse-snatcher
I don't care if this woman is bi-polar or not, she should be put in a cage and drowned in the nearest pool. Stupid bitch.
Carol Burnett suing Family Guy? Looks that way.
28 DUI/DWIs?? How the fuck is this asshole not in jail yet?
About the only thing John McCain did by using the term "tar baby" was date himself. I haven't heard that one in a LONG time.
In stark contrast to the animal-hating bipolar bitch, this Air Force vet went the extra mile to save his pooch. Way to go dude.
And finally, in a sad note of passing. A Cowboys icon, Crazy Ray, passed away. I might hate the 'Boys, but its fans like this guy that make the game fun.

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