Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So Long TP/KD, and thanks for the fish

Ok, first post today is going to cover the most recent news: The Eagles released WR Tood Pinkston and career back-up QB Koy Detmer and brought back one-time back-up QB AJ Feeley (whose "15 minutes" came a few seasons ago when he went 4-1 subbing for an injured McNabb/Detmer combo)...

A few interesting notes:
- any Phans remember the "controversy" that year about who should be the starter? Some folks actually wanted Feeley to replace McNabb
- isn't it kinda weird that AJ can now throw passes to the man the Eagles drafted with the pick they received from Miami when we traded Feeley?
- I think this settles the "who is holding for Akers" question...Koy's only role the last couple of years was holding for Akers' he will not be missed...
- a lot of folks like to trash Pinkston, but will not do that here. I agree that he was a total disappointment, but he took a lot of sh*t from people and comported himself with class...he was never a distraction, never a me-first kinda guy, I wish him the best, but I am not at all sad to see "alligator body" depart (yeah I am listening to Glen Macnow rips him apart on 610 and my happiness with his departure is beginning to grow).

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