Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In Defense of Mahe

Let me preface this by saying I am not a particular fan of Reno Mahe, but I am a partially surprised at the level of vitriol directed towards Mahe this summer...This is not in response to any recent attack but something I thought about in the shower just now. Coming in light of the premier of Invincible, the story of the Eagles most memorable underdog, Vince Papale, I find it somewhat odd that the hard-working Mahe hasn't found a little more love from the fans...I mean don't we pride ourselves on support the guys who "bring their lunch-pail" to work?

Look this is not to say that the "haters" are overlooking a hidden gem of talent...there are plenty of folks who are more talented...but Reno's got heart...and lets be honest the man works his ass off to contribute to the team we love...

Moreover, it is my firm belief that every team needs its Reno (ok, so other teams versions might be faster or bigger)...but all team that are successful (including the Eagles) have to have that every guy, the few players who provide depth at multiple positions, lets face it, teams can only keep 53 players, and can only dress, what 45? That is approximately 1 back-up for every starter (a little less once you factor in kickers). Reno runs, swings out of the backfield, lines up at flanker, returns punts and kicks and covers on special teams...he doesn't do any of it spectacularly well, but he knows the Eagles system, and the coaches know what to expect when they put him in...

Now think of the current situation, a few RBs were brought in (Davis [now on IR] and Bruce Perry [still on roster]) to challenge for Mahe's roster far, I haven't seen anyone be able to do all the little things that would bump Reno off the team. Is there another RB out there on another team with more talent that might get cut and be available next week...almost assuredly, but I would wager that the Eagles front office will not bring in someone marginally better than Mahe because the newcomer would be hard-pressed to duplicate Reno's versatility. A decent back, sure...and then its so long Reno, thanks for all the fish...(don't get the reference? go here)

What do you all think?

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