Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pinkston Trade? and Other NFL Ruminations

Well the news from ESPN is that the Eagles are granted Todd Pinkston's agent to seek a trade. Now this isn't the Deion Branch deal (in which the Pats what Branch to realize their prior offers were pretty good)...I didn't consider a potential trade yesterday because it seems odd to me why any team would pull the trigger when just the simple act of giving the agent the go-ahead would seem to indicate that Pinkston no longer figures into the Eagles plan (i.e. why trade when he could be cut in a week??)

Still a trade is a possibility (not a good one mind you, but a possibility); though I doubt the Eagles will get much in return...a conditional mid-rounder is about the most I expect, still maybe something to replace the conditional pick we just shipped to N.O.

What else is going on in the NFL?
Carson Palmer looked pretty damn good yesterday and Favre looks OLD, old and lost...
oh yeah, I should get my thoughts on the NFL rankings on the record...look for another post soon...

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