Thursday, August 31, 2006

Favorite Anti-NFC Taunts

I just had to repost from the Eagles forum on

These are my current curses to use against opposing NFC East teams...

Jujoboys brought up a great name for New York (commonly called the Gints or Gnats) - but how about the GYNts. One week of the month there are going to be p.o.'d and pummel the team they play. The other 3 weeks they just lay down and get screwed.

Currently I am partial to calling Washington the Foreskins...not many folks out here in Hawaii have heard that before, but I gather from various other message boards that its pretty common, anyone got anything better?

As for Dallas and ME-O...there are plenty of things I love to slam them with...brokeback (yeah I know its not PC to use that, but its funny to see macho fans react to that)...cowgurls, cowpokes

I just got up and its 530 AM gimme a chance to think about something good to write...

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