Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are some judges pro-terrorist?

Ok folks,

Another pet peeve I have - people who don't realize that the war on terrorism is actually for real and that its being fought to preserve our way of life that other mofo'ers want to in point...the federal judge who must've decided she needed to make a splash cause she found that the NSA's "warrantless wire tapping" program was unconstitutional...OK OK, I know it nots the greatest thing in the world, and pre 9/11 I would've been very skeptical about the need for such a program...but its the people who deliberately misrepresent what this program does/is intended to do (whether its for personal political gain or because they simply hate President Bush) that just piss me off.

So let me explain what the NSA "wire-tapping" (I use quotes because it does not involve the actual tapping of wires) program is NOT - it is NOT used to monitor Sally Soccermom's cell phones calls to the beauty parlor, or Little Miss Mary's phone sex with her boyfriend after her parents think she's gone to sleep. It does NOT listen to actual conversations. Lets assess some facts, there probably are hundreds of millions, if a billion cell phones calls made each day...The National Security Agency would have to employ an astronomical number of citizen to "wiretap" all those U.S. callers.

So what the heck IS the program all about. Well as I understand it (and I get this from a variety of sources, Fox, CNN, NYT, WP) - the program uses computers to monitor what telephone numbers here in the good ole U.S. of A. are calling other numbers. This is mainly to foreign numbers, but the big controversy is that is also includes inter-US calls...oh the Humanity...whatever will I do....some computer bank knows that I called HR Block from my home phone, or that I called mom's house using my cell....actually the computer servers do not make such detailed distinctions..they know that (808)-xxx-xxxx dialed (610)-xxx-xxxx at such and such time on such and such day....that is IT, one is listening to me say Love ya mom, or whisper naughty somethings to the wife, or make an appointment to get my taxes prepared. These servers sift through the billions of numbers calling other numbers and use complex algorithms to identify patterns, like a groups of numbers all dialing, say PAKISTAN, or in specific investigations, which numbers are dialing known terror-associated numbers....Wow what controversy....what an infringement on my rights as an know who wants to infringe my friggin' rights...some bile-spewing radical puke who thinks al-Qa'ida and UBL spout the word of the one true God and that all Westerners need to die.

Tell you what, if my government can use its vast resources to track the patterns of these motherf**kers communications and neutralize the threat (hopefully with extreme prejudice), then I say "what the hell ya waiting for?" Get those computers fired up and the algorithm-creating mathemeticians some hot java and wet bl*wjob (or a cunning linguist as the case may be). We need to keep them happy and alert.

But of course, somehow this judge thinks that somehow it is not the government's job to protect its citizens...alright alright, I know that not exactly what she is saying, "they" need to do it CONSTITUTIONALLY, is the whine, arguing that there's the FISA court, or that Bush is abusing his power by circumventing FISA, etc etc

The way I see it -- and I think that anyone who has been on jury duty will agree with me -- the bureaucratic red-tape involved in a judicial proceeding can be mind-boggling. Do I want our cops and FBI agents trying to navigate a maze of legal-ese bullcrap when they are trying to determine if Usama al Kaboomi's calls home to Blowthewestthef*ckup-istan are innocuous calls to mama or terror-related? That answer is very easy, NO. Hell NO.

Moreover, IF I were to accept the Bush is abusing his power argument (which I am not sold on), exactly what is the nature or motivation behind the abuse? When an elected official "abuses" power, I envision some form of unwarranted gain, personal, familial, financial or otherwise....hmmm...maybe its just me, but I don't see exactly what benefit President Bush is deriving from this so-called "abuse"....look if you wanna argue Halliburton and Big Oil Bush connections wrt Iraq, no problem, but don't come to me with this NSA malarkey and play politics about how it reveals the dastardly nature of the Bush administration.

If its abuse of power to protect American lives and safeguard our way of life...then the President needs to buck up, make the tough decisions and do it. That is what he was elected for, and what he gets paid to do. So unless your in his shoes, with the weight of the hundreds of millions of peoples lives and livelihoods (in this country and throughout the world mind you) on your shoulders, don't be bringin' that sh*t to me.

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