Monday, August 28, 2006

How is America's Hamstring Doing Today?

Cowboys fans are still defending T.O.
Have they learned nothing from the damage done to the psyche of the Eagles fans?
Now the Cowboys are fining Owens for infractions BEFORE the season ever starts...hee hee

And in EAGLES news, the Eagles traded LB Mark Simoneau to the Saints for WR Donte Stallworth...that is excellent news.... here is why...Simoneau was a back-up LB, a valuable player to be sure, as the Eagles are not exactly overwhelmed by LB talent on the roster...but they traded in effect a special teamer for a starting he a true #1 WR, who knows, could he start on most teams in the NFL: he better than any WR on the Eagles roster: trading a non-starter for a starter no matter the depth issue is a huge positive in this humble commentator's opinion. Here's the Eagles starting LBs: McCoy, Trotter and D. Jones, with ex-Eagle, ex-Chief, and now Eagle-again Shawn Barber being the primary replacement on passing downs. Simoneau was our #5 LB and we get a starting WR? Done deal. Ok he is free agent next season, so we got a guy motivated to perform with a history of making big plays. I like it. I didn't expect it, and this was a truly pleasant surprise to come home to.

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