Sunday, September 09, 2007

This Shit doesn't even compute yet

I can't respond to the Eagles 16-13 loss to Green Bay right now. It absolutely stunning to see football players act so fucking retarded in a singular aspect of the game. Our PUNT RETURN LOST THE GAME TODAY. No hyperbole, no exaggeration. The first punt of the year muffed into the endzone for a Packer TD (their ONLY FUCKING ONE BY THEY FUCKING WAY) and scored tied 13-13 with a minute left, a different players makes one of the most boneheaded decisions you'll ever see and MUFFS ANOTHER GODDAMN FUCKING PUNT, setting up the Pack for the game-winning FG.

You have got to shitting me.

- Fire Rory Segrest...our special team coach is "special" alright. Where did we pick this retard hick up? Some Walmart in Kentucky?

Bring back Bloom, at least he caught the fucking ball.

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