Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cuts Aren't Official (Yet) but two are confirmed.

Well the Eagles are saying that the list of cuts that made its way onto the net was, in fact, just a default dummy list of guys the web-guys THOUGHT were on the way out. Well, I dunno about that - the list looks pretty logical to me and Les Bowen is reporting that sources have confirmed at least two of the cuts:

P - Dirk Johnson
WR - Jeremy Bloom

Deeper analysis when the cuts become official, but my take on the release of Dirk and Bloom is fairly simple: the Eagles couldn't pass-up the near unreal talent of Aussie kicker Sav Rocca. Moreover - Rocca must've gotten a thumbs-up from K David Akers despite the two trouble snaps in the final preseason game versus the NY Jets.

Now Dirk's grousing a bit - saying if the Eagles knew before Thursday's final game that they were going to keep Rocca that they should've let him go. I for one, ain't buying that shit.
ONE - there is no guarantee the Eagles had already made up their mind. They wanted a spirited competition after Dirk turned in a injured, sub-par (generously speaking) season in 2006. Dirk came back strong and kicked the heck out of the ball. But he clearly doesn't have the leg strength or talent of Rocca. Case closed.
TWO - Why exactly did we "owe you". Excuse me Dirk, but football is a CONTACT sport - as Sav found out in game 1. So what if we'd released Dirk (and watched him try out and latch on with say New England or Cleveland or Detroit or wherever) and then had Sav get submarined in the preseason game or otherwise taken out? No, the threat of injury is always there and no team keeps two punters, just-in-case, so the Birds made their choice. And they did it at the right time. After a complete evaluation at the END of the preseason.

As for Bloom - well, it was nice thinking we had found a guy with something special, but Bloom did not live-up to expectations. His punt returns were no better than the long and not-so dearly departed Reno Mahe. He had a little wiggle to him, but not the elusive nature or shotgun burst of a Dante Hall. I mean, if anyone from the coverage team so much as laid a hand on Bloom, he went DOWN. I was pulling for the guy too, but I'm not so blinded by my own hope for success that I can ignore the fact that he just didn't have "it". Oh well.

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