Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oof! Colts Stomp Saints

Well, I figured the Colts would score some points. But the Saints must be thinking they just got smashed by Hurricane Ka-Peyton.

41-10? Well, so much for my prediction. Got close with the Colts, but I thought the Saints would be able to score some points. Which is perhaps the scariest part of the game: the Colts D. I mean, the Saints' were supposed to have a strong D, but all they did was dink and dunk and "take what the D gave them" - that was enough to keep the game 10-10 at the half, but it was nowhere near enough in the second half. Manning got rolling, and the Colts just churned out the points.

Moreover, my thoughts in the off-season were: the Colts lost too many defensive starters. Talk about addition my subtraction. I think the replacements are clearly better than the guys from last year. Oopsie....

Fantasy note: Manning scored 23 points in ESPN FF. Great, I'm already 23 points in the hole.

Final note: I wouldn't want to be the team that has to face New Orleans next week (uh, that means you Tampa) because the Saints just got embarrassed on National TV.

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