Thursday, September 06, 2007

NFL is About to KICKOFF!

Colts vs the Saints.
Game is coming up, uh, later today. (Tomorrow morning for me). And I figured I should commemorate this somehow.

Prediction: The Colts bring too much O for the Saints, win by 10, 37-27.

As for the rest of the games. Well to be honest. I just don't know and exposing my ignorance for all to see would be a just this side of ridiculous. So why bother?

I do know one thing: NYG RB Brandon Jacobs may be big, but I think about 50 of his 250 lbs must be lodged in his fat skull. Season hasn't even started and he's giving Dallas bulletin board material, talking about going to Dallas and whuppin' dat ass. I'm sure Amani Toomer is going to be real appreciative of his comments when Roy Williams lays him out at some point in the game.

IN other news.
A decent article by Les Bowen on the situation surrounding McNabb.
Not sure I like this article by El Segundo on, I mean its half-baked and doesn't even bother to analyze the Packers entire defense. If you going to discuss the Packers D, don't tell us how great it is and then leave with the cryptic "And that is, of course, before even looking at the playmakers in their secondary." (Ed. pet peeve: starting a sentence with AND).

Well why the fuck not look at their secondary. Like its stocked with All-Pros....Charles Woodson played fairly well last year. He at least showed he wasn't washed-up. Al Harris is the other corner, but isn't he getting a little long in the tooth to be mentioned with the top corners in the league (I mean, I can probably name a good dozen without pausing: Vasher, Newman, Bailey, Sheppard, Barber, Asomugha (or whatever the fuck his name is, the dude in Oakland), Dre Bly, Asante Samuel, D. Hall, Mathis, Lucas....ok, ran out, sue me...what am I an encyclopedia? Point is, I can't even name the Packers safeties and all of a sudden I'm supposed to be afraid of a pair of, at best, second-tier CBs. Not likely.

What I do respect from the Packers D, is their D-Line, which is underrated and an up-n-coming LB corps. Its going to be the FRONT 7 we have to worry about. Not the back 4.

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