Thursday, September 06, 2007

Overlord - Runaway Fun Getting your "Minion on"

Well I finally fired up my new XBox 360 game Overlord.

AND Lord, is it FUN. There is really nothing that quite matches the miniature horde of underlings you have to do your bidding. I mean take a look at these darling little evil creatures:
You see, minions are part servant, part soldier, part errand-boy, part fanatic willing to sacrifice themselves for your benefit. Ordering them around is a snap. Currently I only have two types: Brown (melee fighters) and Red (fire throwers/absorbers/your basic ranged-attackers, weak in close-combat types)...I'm currently on quests to get Green (immune to poison/sneak attackers) and Blue (healers) minions. It functions well with the Xbox controller too: choosing them is fairly simply all the colored minions correspond with their same color button (exception - brown minion are coded to the yellow button).

This game is seriously warped, and I love it. I mean you start by having to free the men of Spree from the halfling (think Hobbit and pronounced harf-ling) oppression. Seems quite a few of the heroes that vanquished your predecessor have gone to seed. The halfling hero Melvin, for instance, has become a giant corpulent bag of fat who's halfling worshippers steal food for him, enslave local farmers and ravage the human town (Spree - sounds like Bree the human town near the Shire - no?). Now, dispatching the halfling king isn't exactly evil, more like evil-lite. But its still damn fun to dispatch your minions to ransack Hobbiton (er, the halfling holes), smash everything in sight, and watch them go about their perverted business with gleeful shrieks and obsequiously returning with the gifts they've pillaged "For the Master".

Wanted to take a break from the Football posts. If you have an Xbox and an evil-fun streak, Overlord is a must-buy.

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Anonymous said...

i have got to say you are right theres nothig bad about it