Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eagles-Skins: A Look Ahead

The Eagles are looking to get on track Monday night versus the Washington Redskins. Will they? Let's hope so - or else some of the doom-n-gloomers will be be ready to jump off the Ben Franklin.

Here are a few keys to victory (stop me if you've ready this before):

- Better play-calling! Do NOT open up the game with a pass to our not-100%-TE. Do NOT attempt trick-plays on play 2 (flea-flicker, grr.....). Play-action works best after you establish the run.
- Run the ball! The game vs the Packers showed up one thing - McNabb is not all the way back as far his escapability goes. Yes he can move around, but how about relying on the big guys up front to do what they did at the end of last year? I understand that much of that might hinge on our all-Pro RG Shawn Andrews rounding into shape, but damn....we need to work that clock, establish the run and keep Portis/Betts off the field
- Sharper passing. After looking sharp in a couple of preseason match-ups, McNabb was off in the opener. No other way to describe it. They were good enough to win (if it hadn't been for the special teams) but 13 points won't beat many teams in the NFL. McNabb needs to lead the offense into the 20s. At least.
Key Players: McNabb (goes without saying); Shawn Andrews

-Build off of last week's performance. The defense swarmed the run, produced some key take-aways, and general stifled the Packers offense all day long. This week is the opposite sort of match-up, from wily-old gun-slinger in Favre to fresh-faced, quick-feet Jason Campbell.
- Make Campbell beat us. How to do that - STOP THE RUN! I am not calling for under 100 (though that would be nice) - just don't let the Skins run the ball at will. Force the young QB to make the plays necessary to win, not just manage the game and not make mistakes that will lose it.
- Maintain contain! Campbell is a young guy, big and fast. Do not expect him to stay around an make his 4th read. So its crucial for the DL to stay in their lanes and make sure Campbell stays boxed in. Cole, Kearse, Juqua T. do not rush pell-mell into the backfield and if you do, you'd best make that g.d. sack!
Key players: The aforementioned DE and the interior duo Bunk/Patterson. They did a very good job last week. Them clogging the middle/getting a push allowed the Eagles to pressure Favre with just the 4-man front. If we can keep doing that, perhaps we can keep the pressure off our secondary which will have to go without Lito this week.

Special Teams:
Everyone say it with me: Just catch the fucking ball!

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