Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mini-Camp is Over. So What did we learn?

This would've been posted yesterday, but Misawa lost its Internet access last night. Man, nothing is more frustrating that having your lifeline severed. Onto el blog: As most writers have taken care to remind us, we didn't learn much from seeing a bunch of grown men pretend to push each other around on a grassy field in shorts and no pads...but Eagles mini-camp did provide some positive signs for us Birdwatchers.

The Eagles managed to flood the rookies' and 2nd-year players' (like Ramsey, Bunkley, Gocong and Bloom) heads with a bunch of plays. This is a good thing. Confuse the hell out of them now, and maybe by August some of this stuff will click.

Garry Cobb, the ex-Eagles LB who follows the team quite closely has been doing an excellent job tracking mini-camp, in my opinion. This article saying the team is continuing to push the younger offensive guys. Of course, instant fan-favorite Nate Ilaoa, the Rumblin' Hawaiian, made his first appearance in Philly. Man, more than just having a "hometown" bradda on the team, I really want to see him make the team.
This is what GCobb had to say: "The Hawaiian kid Nate Ilaoa doesn't look like a football player but he's a good athlete who has quick feet without much speed. The other thing you see is that this kid can catch. The kid seems to be very comfortable running screens. (well, duh, he only did that about 20 times/game at UH). I could see him being hard to tackle because he's built low to the ground and there's not a lot there to hit."

What else did we learn?

Jevon Kearse needs to gain weight. 240 is WAY too light Jevon, start hitting the weight and lay off the bike. Note to NovaCare staff, open up catering service with Pats Steaks. Actually, the best part is the Kearse looks ready to go, knee-wise. And that is an encouraging sign. He needs to have some dedicated to him to make sure he's got the necessary weight to make it through the season.

Speaking of weight, it looks like perhaps defensive coordinator finally has wised up and realized that having a little heft to the front seven isn't such a bad thing, saying "I just felt at times we were small at tackle and linebacker, especially." You don't say? Was it the screams and heckling from the fans? or the pleas and cries from the some of the munchkins we rolled out on D last year who got roasted game after game. Yeah giving up 208 yards rushing in a playoff game sort of takes the mustard out of the "well-Indy-did-it" argument.

All I can is, its about goddamn time.

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