Friday, May 25, 2007

Eagles Thoughts This Week

As another mini-camp opens the Eagles announced the signing of the pair of 3rd rd draft choices they had, coming to terms with RB Tony Hunt and LB Stewart Bradley on 4-year deals. Now I know the Eagles generally like to sign rookies to 5-year deals, but changes to the collective bargaining agreement prevent that now, with the exception I think of 1st round draft choices, who can sign 5 year deals. This is, I imagine, designed to protect unsuspecting rookies from being pressured into signing longer deals and then missing out on unrestricted free agency (for which both Hunt and Bradley will be eligible if they are still in the NFL in 4 years).

Isn't that what agents are supposed to do? Protect their clients?

You know a lot people bag on Dave Spadaro, the primary "correspondent", who covers the Eagles for their website, Philadelphia And to be totally fair, "Spuds" as he is known to Iggles fans, can be a bit grating with his "rah-rah-ness." I think many would prefer a bit more cynicism (they claim to want objectivity), but let's face it. He's a paid cheerleader for the Eagles...I would LOVE to have this guys job. Hang out at NovaCare, go to a few PCs, and deliver a write up about the Birds a few times a week.

This isn't about bashing Spuds, its about defending him, cause some folks love to pick on him. Look, the man is being paid by the Eagles! He's paid to be optimistic, not caustic. And in all fairness to him, the does occasionally loosen the leash and let him write a few topics from a more general-fan perspective and question a few of the moves (such as not re-signing Jeff Garcia and Donte' Stallworth earlier this off-season). I will admit, that such articles always also contain the: F.O.-has-done-this-before-and-its-worked-out caveat that calls for fans to trust that the Eagles know what they're doing....but isn't that sort-of to be expected? It is the Eagles website we're talking about after all.

And yes, he's not exactly a great writer (I like to think I'd be much more entertaining, even if I'd last about two articles with the way I fucking interject foul language) but he's "Sunshine Dave" and there almost no where else to go besides the medicine cabinet if one is looking for the silver lining about almost any aspect of the Birds. And sometimes, I admit. I need that.
So thanks Dave.

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