Monday, May 07, 2007

"Bonk" gets a Bath

Time for a cutesy post. We gave the boyos a bath the other night, and while Zaar doesn't look much different when wet (short hair), D.J. looks so pathetic and bedraggled that I had to break out the camera.

(Ed.: Ok dude, stupid question time, if the dogs' names are Zaar and D.J., why is the entry titled Bonk gets a bath?)

Oh yeah, maybe I should explain. You see, D.J. (pictured below) has a pretty big snout for a miniature dachshund...and a by-product of his over-sized schnoz (besides a humungous schlong) is fairly poor depth perception. This can produce some fairly comical events, especially when D.J. "bonks" into stuff....It's also hazardous at times (like when you come home, open the door and lean down to pick up an excited-to-see-you-come-home dachshund and he jumps up and "bonks" you in the eye or the much-less humorous excit-o "bonk" in the family jewels, for instance, not fun). But it is definitely all-D.J. and "bonk" is an apt nickname.

Here in Japan, houses are quite literally equipped with a water closet. The door of the laundry room opens right into the shower (we've never used the tub).

This first shot, show them silhouetted against the shower door (not lovin' life)
Here is the "aftermath" as he scooted into one of his "safe areas" the kennel:
another shot, after chasing him out into the living room
Finally, as always, the first and last thing on that dog's mind is the treat cabinet (upper right). Here he is, giving me the "haven't-I-been-a-good-boy, isn't-it-time-for-a-reward look" (he also looks rather benevolently demonic, cause the light receptors in his eyes reflect red, Zaar's reflect blue, btw)
Later on, he's quite insistent about seeing what the heck I do at my desk. (kudos to anyone who recognizes the screenshot in the background) Doesn't everyone need a "desk dachshund?"

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