Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick Thoughts for Tuesday

Wow, talk about being busy...really putting a crimp in the blog.
(hmm, funny how having a JOB sucks down time)

Some quick hit thoughts: The Venezuelans are about to learn about the socialist fairy tale and a harsh lesson in reality: freedoms given away usually must be earned back with blood. Hmmm, elect some Chavez cronies and watch them hand-over all the power to Chavez, shocking. Guess all those cheers are turning to frowns about now. Know what else is hilarious, all the Hollywood shitheads (Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, etc) who did everything but suck Chavez's cock in public look real fucking stupid right now (of course, they did originally, but now, its even better).
But obviously, the biased U.S. media is lying.

I also fell out of my chair laughing at the dumb hicks in Kentucky who opened us a "Creationism museum" that has dinosaurs co-existing with native-american looking primitives. Raptors no less! Why not just give the Indians some fucking leashes and show them domesticating some T-Rexes while your at it....jackasses....

Look out iPod, the Zune is catching up...(Cough, well maybe not)

Once again, months of "diplomacy" achieves next to nothing (except the continue slaughter of the helpless) and its up to the United States to actually hold some dipshit to account. This time in the Sudan. I wonder if Clooney & Co. are going to give the administration any credit, or what they think of the continuing failure of the E.U., U.N. et al to stem the genocide going on in Darfur.

well that's all I have time for right now. I hold to get some more Eagles stuff up soon.

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