Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who Died and Made PFT God?

I've been going to ProFootballTalk.com less and less and less...I used to go there for the humor mostly and because the site didn't take itself too seriously....but as they've acquired sponsors et al I grew less enamored with them...

They still have the occasional witty line or good piece of analysis...but the site seems to posit itself as some of arbiter of what's right...their "Turd Watch" was entertaining at first, but tracking every little scrape with the law that every football player has is getting tedious. Government watchdogs are one thing, but I doubt very many of us in the private world would appreciate this sort of scrutiny. Does it come with the territory? Perhaps. I think a reasonable argument can be made that is DOES....I am just saying, are we as fans so hung-up on tearing people down that we need to keep score???

Now as you know, I am an Eagles fan. This blog, especially during football season, becomes engrossed with all thing green and white, so I took umbrage at one of PFT's latest grievances. They posted: "EAGLES SITE OFFERING UP GAMBLING ADVICE" in which they take issue with Spuds (that Dave Spadaro, unabashed Philly-homer who writes on Eagles.com for the uninitiated) writing: "I noticed in the newspaper the other day that the Eagles are three-point favorites for the opening game in Green Bay. Maybe I'm wrong for addressing this, but take the Eagles right now. I love the Eagles in that game against the Packers."

Of course, this comes a few lines after their "we know we're picking nits" caveat....and how news in the slow in the off-season and they wouldn't normally talk about this sort of stuff much.

My response: THEN DON'T! For Chrissakes, right after that they offer up the arrest of Bill Maas, and while they don't draw a line, the two issues do not belong anywhere in the same article. Period. End of story. Spuds is trying to show his excitement for the season; that's he getting stoked, like a lot of other Eagles fans are now that training camp is in sight. Let it be.

The title itself is fairly misleading and the assertion that what Spuds wrote may indicate that he is somehow advocating gambling is the REASON most of us HATE LAWYERS...PFT needs to put down the gavel and stop the self-appointed cop routine and stick to actual football analysis...

I doubt they will, you see they have sponsors now. So that means they have to keep generating web-hits to justify why the hell Sprint (and others) is paying cash to advertise on their site. Oh and the little paragraph entry hawking Sprint-shit? Lame. That was my first indication that the site was going downhill.

Just my rant for today....

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