Monday, July 09, 2007

Ever Have "One of Those Days?"

I'm not sure what the heck happened today. The dogs got me up fairly early (considering the time I went to bed) and it was cool and misty most the day (I did venture outside...once). Things were promising this morning....I held off on the Xbox for a while and got some necessary things done, but after I came back from base and had lunch, it was like tired, had a pulsing sort of headache which made sleeping, well, not in the cards.

Ironically enough, it was about then that I fired up the Xbox and made my way through a couple games of Carcassonne, and I started to feel better, then I unlocked the fun game of the old coin-op Gauntlet on Xbox Live Arcade. I was hoping to find some other players online, be there weren't any open games to join...which sucked

I'm sorta hoping a could of my friends back in the States get broadband connections, that way we can play so of those old-school games over the Xbox Live servers, which work GREAT by the way (ok, I do have to hand to Microsoft there, when it comes to making sure the online stuff is smooth, easy, and fast, they hit it out of the park with Xbox Live.)

Well anyway, I whittled away the late afternoon and all of sudden its 9pm, I don't really feel all that tired, but I'm not hungry either...just sort of in a fugue state....I need to get some chores done around the house, just cause Christina's gone doesn't mean the maid gets the week off. See ya

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