Friday, July 06, 2007

Recent Occurrences and Other Things

A lot has gone on this week.

This is what I liked:
Finally breaking down and getting in on the Beta-build for Sins of a Solar Empire....the Beta is open until 9 July, and when I saw that I could get in on the ground floor of this game and perhaps help shape it in some small way. I jumped. If you like empire-building games (Civ, Galactic Civ2) or real-time strategy games (Command & Conquer, Supreme Commander) or space, battle-oriented games (Homeworld) - this game is an absolute must buy.

The Flyers finally getting with the program in the new NHL and picking up speedy, skilled guys and ending their fetish with finding another Lindros-LeClair-Renberg "Legion of Doom" line to beat-up the rest of the league. So they nabbed Daniel Briere from a team I despise, the Buffalo Sabres. They also swapped an under-achieving D Joni Pitkanen to the Oilers for, get this, the Oilers team caption and defensive stalwart Jason Smith (and some winger, Lupul). HA...I bet that move had Tasha groaning....Throw in the fact that the Flyers traded for and signed prospective free-agents Kimmo Timmonen and Scott Hartnell from the Predators....and its been a very productive off-season for the Flying Ps. Of course, they have nowhere else to go but up after the most miserable season in their history. Hopefully, this is a start of new direction for them.

The Shield - Season 6. This is simply the best police drama to ever grace television. Period. Bar none. NYPD Blue? fuck them. Hill Street Blues? don't make me laugh. Dragnet? ok, different era and I won't rag on a show that clearly would never have thought to go place the Shield has gone. The only thing I wish for: more episodes. 10 episodes is simply not enough for junkie.

What I didn't like:
The aborted terror bombing in England. Ok. Not the aborted/we-stopped-em part. That I loved. But the fucking idea that these home-grown or imported fucks are still at it. I don't know how to stop it without a pogrom....

The wife having to scrap some leave and go to Florida early because the military couldn't find her a flight on the day she was supposed to leave. So instead of a week apart, its 10 days.

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