Monday, July 16, 2007

10,000 Losses? Nothing to see here, move it along people.

Ok, ok, so its no secret, the Phillies lost game # 10,000 the other night. Enough, let it be. Yes, the franchise sucks. Drop it. It doesn't really impact this year in any way (it was inevitable that they lose at least 45 games this year; no team goes 120-42. This thing is, by reaching the 10,000 plateau so quickly, they've really hamstrung yet another season.

The Phillies talked about how much they needed to have a good April. Oops
Then they have their customary-pick-up-after-the-opening-faceplant-streak. Check.
Wherein, sportswriters once again get fooled into writing about the Phillies as if they were actual contenders. Check
But the Phillies simply bounce around .500, forever looking up at the clubs they purport to be better than. Check

This season is progressing right on schedule I tell you.

I mean good ole' Cholly Manuel talked about needing to start off fast in the second half (hmm, when have we that before?). And the Phils look great for two games, hammering the World-champ Cardinals twice....and then, with their typical aplomb: they give right back and take a shellacking, so they win the series, but all they manage to do keep pace a steady 5 games behind the leading Mets (heck they actually LOST ground to the Braves)...oh yeah, didn't you know? The self-annointed "team to beat" in the NL East is trailing not just the Mets, but the Braves as well. So it won't matter if they get their heads out of their asses long enough to overtake the Mets, cause if they do, the Braves will probably have beat them to it, and be another tauntingly close 2-3 games ahead of the Phils....sigh

Everyone ready for another "oh-so-close" September?

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