Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things that Caught my Eye today

Oh, call me a homo-phobe or whatever, but I think it was a bit awkward for the San Diego Padres to schedule a kids' hat giveaway on Gay Pride Night at PETCO Park in San Diego. I have no problem with have a Gay Pride Day at the park, but I have to admit, it'd be a bit awkward if I had kids and took them that day....And its not that you can't run into gay people in every day life..that's perfectly true, folks who take their kids to mall probably see WORSE behavior every day. But for me, you know, going to the ballpark was a special occasion. Its not a time to have to explain to your 6-7 year old why two dudes are kissing in the stands (or why daddy is staring lasciviously at the two ladies kissing in the stands ;) .

On the other hand, I can understand "tolerance learned early is tolerance learned for a life-time" angle, and I don't think any event like that should be boycotted or protested. Its just...I dunno, did Gay Day have to be on the same day that the organization is running a promotion to attract young children to the stadium? Can't the kids have one day, gays the next, Latin night two days after, etc, etc etc?

Leave it to China to have the world's largest public restroom...I bet the water table drops just thinking about all those flushes....

Only 10 more days until the final Harry Potter book! Its going to be so weird reading it, knowing its the last one. (The Globe and Mail knows how I feel)..I might take some extra time with it, just to savor it....that's, er, gay, I know, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the series. I wonder who bites it? I totally didn't see Professor Dumbledore buying the farm in Book 6.
Other Harry Potter-related new links:
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And I guess the movie already kickin' ass.

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