Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Thoughts for Thursday

Ok, I am not Mr. Jesus, I don't go to church much, but I do consider myself fairly spiritual and I believe in Christianity - Catholicism mostly - far more than I give credibility to any other religion. That being said, I am pretty sure God has a special place in hell for retarded like the parents of Madeline Neumann, a sweet 11-year old girl who died of a treatable diabetes disorder because her parents refused to actually seek medical care and blamed themselves for her death because they didn't pray hard enough.

What the fuck? Are we in the 21st Century or not? This is not the goddamn fucking Dark Ages people.

Oh so the parents didn't think their daughter would die while they were praying...well excuse me fuckwads, but I don't think I give a rat's ass. I don't know if I would throw them in jail - because there is always the "they have to live with what they've done" argument...the problem is, when you're dealing with ultra-religious nutjobs (and I am not talking about those who pray when a loved is in the hospital, I am talking about those that only seek or believe in divine intervention) it is very difficult to get it through their thick-skulls that bullshit like this is wrong. That it is NOT the hand of God reaching down and plucking their daughters life away to spite them for a lack of faith. It is THEIR STUPIDITY for not using the brains and gifts GOD has bestowed upon us all to make our lives better and work to care for each other!

Lord save me.

In other news, the Eagles signed a new TE, Kris Wilson. After languishing behind Tony Gonzales for a few years perhaps he can find new life with the Birds. And if he can play multiple positions (FB/TE H-back sorta role) then great. The Birds' prior FB Tapeh, who signed with Minnesota, was adequate across the board at doing some of that, but the overall package he brought to the team was, in retrospect, pretty poor. Unfortunately, I think this signing probably means the Eagles have no intention of going after a guy like Owen Schmidt the WVU FB/H-Back type guy who I think would look pretty damn good in midnight green. If Wilson sticks, then there is decent chance that back-up TE Matt Schobel, a free agent acquisition from Cincinnati a couple of years ago, will be on the chopping block. I don't think the Eagles will move LJ Smith (even if they had a suitor) and Brent Celek showed real promise in a limited role last year. Heck, Celek may be the reason the Eagles simply ride out the L.J. show in 2008 and then part ways in 2009.

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